They have destroyed his image – Short story

French title : “Ils ont déchiré son image”

A strange traveler stops in a small town ruled by a Marquis ready for anything to satisfy his desires.

The residents are under his orders and never stop respecting them without uttering any disagreement. It seems that they are not aware of the atrocities committed, any form of morality is non-existent.

These residents no longer think for themselves, the word and orders of the Marquis are golden.

The strange traveler, taking on the appearance of the devil, seems overwhelmed by events, human cruelty going beyond even what he represents.


Previous publications : The dead mountain of life, followed by they tore his image, Preface by Juan Asensio, L’Arbre Vengeur, 2017, 219 p.
Publishers : L’Arbre Vengeur, Fleuve Noir Editions

Short story published in French only


“The tone is that of a tale both poetic and disturbing, and, like all tales, this one has a moral: the devil hidden in his human guise was able to see that men were even worse than him.” Jacques de Ricaumont, La Revue des Deux Mondes

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