Nights at Rochemaure

French title : “Les nuits de Rochemaure”

Lying down in gunshot, she shakes with fear. To attenuate the violent shaking of her body, she tightly holds her forearms between her sweaty thighs. Her position of foetus does not prevent her from hearing the step of the staircase moaning. In an ultimate revolt against this fear which paralyses her, she rejects the cover which masks her face. Her body relaxes then very slowly, and her eyes filled with anguish turn towards the door which opens slowly…

Clotilde, a young bride, moves into the family home of her husband, Professor Stanislas Durville.

The house of Rochemaure is isolated in the middle of nowhere. She did not like it and neither did her staff. This house is cold, dark and too mysterious for her taste.

Her husband, busy with his scientific research, has too little time to devote to her, and she feels terribly alone.

Someone wants to harm her, she feels it, she knows it! But who? And how far could this thing go?

Her husband doesn’t understand her fears, so she decides to call on her cousin Richard to stay with her for a few days and, why not, to help her solve the many mysteries that surround her.


” On lui a fait mal – Romans Policiers “, Fleuve Noir, ” Super-Poche, 1996, 713 p.

Novel published in French only


“We take the time and we find it again to savor the creepy atmosphere of the nights of Rochemaure. In this atmosphere of psychiatry, medicine, robots, and a foggy lake, crime prowls and envelops all the characters in a real mystery to be pierced.” Guy Delhasse, La Wallonie

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