They have hurt him

French title : “On lui a fait mal”

Jean Savrot. Taken prisoner in 1940, at seventeen years old. Succeeded in escaping in 43. Joined the Free French Forces. Landed with the 2nd D.B. Heroic conduct, several decorations. Fluent in German. Was entrusted by the Intelligence Services with several missions in East Germany. Reported missing in 1947. During a mission.

Jean Savrot was murdered in a Parisian apartment a few decades later. However, the witnesses see this same man leaving the building with a slow and determined step just after the murder…

New murders follow. Commissioner Vincent and Inspector Ribault no longer understand, the investigation is long and complex: two people with the same identity or the presence of a man who, even dead, continues to kill?

The murderer is described as having a sad look in his eyes and wanders the streets with the sole purpose of killing three people with certain names without even taking the time to eat. He tries to rest as much as possible in the sewers, in contact with the rats.

Paradoxically, this character is endearing and makes the title of the novel by itself.

It remains to be seen who he is and why he kills…


“On lui a fait mal – Romans Policiers”, Fleuve Noir, ” Super-Poche “, 1996, 713 p.

Novel published in French only


“A true spy novel, the ingredients are there with a mastery of suspense that increases tenfold the desire to devour this novel until now unpublished.” Guy Delasse, La Wallonie

“Police adventures where we don’t try to walk us: it’s real, strong, tonic, solid.” Présent Littéraire

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