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Above Michel’s desk, hanging on the wall, was a large map of Brazil that followed him when he wrote his fantasy novels.

In it, Michel turns Brazil and the splendor of its landscapes into a real fantasy world mixing dream and reality.

“Le murmure des dieux” (The murmur of the gods) and “L’envers de l’éperon” (the reverse side of the spur) take place in two states of Brazil that he knows particularly well he having lived and traveled there : the state of AMAZONAS for the murmur of the gods and the state of MINAS-GERAIS for the reverse side of the spur.

As for “La montagne morte de la vie” (the other side of the mountain) and “Ils ont déchiré son image” (they tore its image), the stories take place in a purely fantastic environment. The heat of the sertao and the omnipresence of the Amazonian green world are never far away.

Among the various themes addressed in his fantasy novels, the green and animal world is central and common.

Michel’s green world is sometimes protective of man (“La forêt complice” – the complicit forest) or benevolent on the sole condition that he’s respected (“Le murmure des dieux” – the murmur of gods). However, it can also and quite simply rebel against any form of human civilization (“La montagne morte de la vie” – The other side of the mountain).

This nature can be terrifying and sublime at the same time.

Terrifying because of its unpredictability, as the reader cannot determine in advance how it will behave with the novelistic characters. Sublime, by the author’s poetic descriptions and the omnipresence of ancestral Indian beliefs.

Michel denounces all the evil done to the Indian civilizations as well as the overexploitation of the Amazonian forest (“Le murmure des dieux” – the murmur of gods), the tyranny of man going even beyond the devil himself ( “Ils ont déchiré son image” – they tore its image) ), the true meaning of life in the face of pecuniary priorities (“La forêt complice” – the complicit forest), the respect of the word given to the test of the fraternal love (“L’envers de l’éperon” – the reverse side of the spur), where still the survival of the human soul in front of an angry nature which wishes to have a total control of the man (“La montagne morte de la vie” – The other side of the mountain).

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