Texts and extracts

Michel began writing his first poems in his teens. He would write them according to the mood of the day, his feelings at a given moment, and would continue to do so throughout his life.

Like his poetically written novels, these poems are akin to an autobiography yet to be deciphered, and their content shines through in its outspokenness and the various themes tackled: childhood, love, God and the son, death, solitude, or confrontation found in different forms: confrontation between men and animals, men and brothers, men and God, or simply man facing himself.

In particular, Michel denounces the unequal distribution of material wealth, creating situations of extreme poverty around the world, but also poverty of spirit and the resulting individualism, the practice of religious rules too often devoid of any real faith, or the forgetfulness of the essentials, those little things in life that enable us quite simply to remain human. Michel denounces, yes, he denounces this society to which he is struggling to acclimatize. In his eyes, this society is full of injustices that he doesn’t understand, and that are beyond him.

Some of Michel’s poems already published in two collections: “Au devant de vous” and “Drôle de monde que le monde de mon Père”. Poems can be viewed via the author’s dedicated INSTAGRAM account.