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The universe of Michel’s detective novels is different from his fantasy novels, the spectre of the green world is never far away.

We have murderers thirsting for revenge who only seek justice for external facts of which they are sometimes themselves victims (The killing snow, They have hurt him), but also large gloomy family houses in which the walls shelter many mysteries (Nights at Rochemaure, The manor of La Grande Bauche, The dead man watches).

Some of these houses are the scene of real Machiavellian plans orchestrated by elements that escape the reader, admirably well held by the author’s sense of intrigue.

Just as in fantasy novels, the descriptions take on such a real aspect that we live the story!

Thus, in the heart of the Amazonian forest, we witness the explosion of a drug trafficking factory and then go into the underground of a scary mansion on French soil, looking for the next secret code that will allow us to get out alive!

Each character becomes a potential suspect and only the analysis of the personalities of each one could allow us to find the assassin. Provided sometimes that there is one …

Various themes are addressed : the devastation caused to humans by hard drugs and the resulting trafficking (The killing snow), greed in the face of the true meaning of human life (The Dead Man watches, The Manor of La Grande Bauche), the post-traumatic syndrome of soldiers returning from war (They have hurt him) or the obvious gap between the meaning of justice by institutions and its true meaning.

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