The complicit forest – Short story

French title : “La forêt complice”

All night long, Pedro had been watching the big white house. It was humid and heavy. A thick fog was rising from the ground. The rising ground would soon dissipate it, but for now, only the trunks of the old mango trees would emerge from this sea of mist. The house was still silent. However, Pedro knew that it was not long before this calm was replaced by the noisy agitation caused by the preparations for the engagement of the senhorita Isina.

It’s thus that Pedro attends the engagement of his youthful love to Joaquim, son of a rich owner of rubber plantations. Isina is forced to get engaged to this man for purely financial reasons.

But it’s without counting on the soul of the forest…

Previous publication : La forêt complice, Le Castor Astral, 2007, 102 p.
Publishers : Le Castor Astral

Novel published in French only

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