LE BON ACCUEIL – REVERB : The Whisper of gods (Els. VIAENE et Julien GROSSMANN)

Open from February 18 to March 12, 2022 at BON ACCUEIL in RENNES (35)

An exhibition that borrows its title from the Murmur of the Gods, by which Mr. Damien SIMON, artistic director of the BON ACCUEIL, offers us to travel a part of the path crossed by the two main characters in the heart of the Amazonian forest.

To do this, the works of artists Els VIAENE and Julien GROSSMANN accompany the visitor to allow him to plunge fully into the heart of one of the most beautiful forests in the world under its most magical aspects, as the most tragic.

Just like Michel, Els VIAENE and Julien GROSSMANN denounce the ravages caused by colonialism on the Indian civilizations but also the destruction of the Amazonian forest permanent and growing.


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In their introduction, the editors also boldly suggest that « the finest weird tale of the 1960 was a short novel by Michel Bernanos called « the other side of the Mountain » which they include in its entirety, newly translated by Gio Clairval.

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When I was thirteen I was handed a book by a friend. The cover art was off-putting” – a red ocean, a mountain in the background with a human heart at its center, the head of a statue in the foreground. I hesitated to accept it, but this friend, who wasn’t much of a reader, stared at me for a moment and said, « You’ve got to ». Now, thirty years later, I remember that book more vividly than anything else I have ever read.

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