« The Other Side of the Mountain : An Appreciation », weirdfictionreview.com, 21.11.2011

When I was thirteen I was handed a book by a friend. The cover art was off-putting” – a red ocean, a mountain in the background with a human heart at its center, the head of a statue in the foreground. I hesitated to accept it, but this friend, who wasn’t much of a reader, stared at me for a moment and said, « You’ve got to ». Now, thirty years later, I remember that book more vividly than anything else I have ever read.

« The other side of the Mountain : An Appreciation », Cruelty, horror, and Underlying Beauty, Jeffrey Ford, 21/11/2011

Michel Bernanos « The Other Side of the Mountain”: « Sin, Destruction, and forgiveness » weirdfictionreview.com – 21.11.2011

Michel Bernanos was the fourth of six children born to Georges Bernanos, the famous French Catholic writer of rural damnation. He was the only one to become a writer, though in the vein of the fantastic and often under pen names, so as not to partake unfairly of his fathers fame.

Michel Bernanos « The other side of the Mountain » : Sin, Destruction, and Forgiveness, a short overview of a weird classic, Edward Gauvin, 21/11/2011